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Refugee & Immigration Services

Reception and Placement

The initial program for all newly arrive refugees resettling into the United States. Services include airport pick up, apartment set up with furnishings, food and clothing assistance, cultural orientation, school registration, English classes and health screenings.

Deputy Director of Refugee Services: Paula Walker 210-242-3150
Director of Refugee Services:  Saghar Roshan 210-242-3104

Match Grant Program

Federally funded, cash assistance program which provides services to enable clients to become economically self-sufficient within 120 to 180 days in the United States. Services required under this program include case management, employment services and cash allowance. At least one member of the household must be employable for the family to qualify for Match Grant Program and must be enrolled within 31 days of their arrival.  For information please call 210-242-3107 and speak to program director, Najlaa Alzaidi.

Early Family Self-Sufficiency Director: Najlaa Alzaidi

Employment Services

The employment services program provides job readiness skills, lessons on interviewing and assists with employment services and job placements. The employment team works with refugees to provide them skills and knowledge necessary in obtaining, and maintaining, employment, while becoming self-sufficient.  For additional information please call 210-226-3569 ext 248 and speak to program director, Elizabeth Vidales.

Employment Director: Elizabeth Vidales 210-226-3569 ext 248

Employment Services Assistant Director: Saif Fadhil 210-226-3569 ext 250

Refugee Cash Assistance

Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) is a state funded, employment based cash assistance program. RCA is for clients who are not eligible for assistance under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Assistance is available for the first eight months after arrival in the United States.  For additional information please call 210-242-3137 and speak with program director, Juliana Horn.

Non-Projected Arrivals Director: Juliana Horn 210-242-3137

Refugee School Impact Services

The Refugee School Impact Program (RSIP) offers activities that lead to the effective integration and education of refugee children. The RSIP supports impacted school districts with services for refugee children. Students between 5 and 18 years of age participate in activities including: English as a Second Language instruction, after-school tutoring, activities encouraging high school completion and full participation in school activities, summer programs and club activities, parental involvement activities and interpreting services.  For additional information please contact program director, Elizabeth Vidales at 210-226-3569 ext 248.

Education Director: Elizabeth Vidales 210-226-3569 ext. 248

Education Services

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered to refugee’s age 16 years or older. Classes are provided for refugees to gain the language skills necessary to become self-sufficient, and to find and sustain employment. The Education Program’s services and all classroom materials are provided to students free of charge, including childcare services, interpreting and translation services. Monthly bus passes are also provided to eliminate all challenges and obstacles between the student and their opportunity to learn.  Call Elizabeth Vidales at 210-226-6178 for additional information.

Education Director: Elizabeth Vidales 210-226-3569 ext. 248

Extended Care Services (Social Adjustment Services and Preferred Communities Program)

Case managers are provided to empower refugees to better acculturate and integrate into the local community and American Lifestyle. Services provided: assistance with housing, Food Stamp applications, Medicaid renewals, transportation, interpretations services, school registration and instructional orientations to teach self-sufficiency. For additional information please contact Juliana Horn, program director, at 210-242-3171.

Extended Care Services Director:  Juliana Horn 210-242-3137

Interpreter & Translation Services (ITS)

Catholic Charities’ Interpreter & Translation Services is a social enterprise initiative providing professional, fee-based interpretation and translation services.  In an effort to bridge the language gap between individuals with limited or no English language proficiency and the providers they need assistance from, our Interpreter & Translation Services provide a solution to communication barriers.

Catholic Charities’ Interpreter & Translation Services offers face-to-face language interpretation, interpretation services over the phone and document translation services in over 80 languages.  Utilizing trained and certified contract interpreters to provide services, Catholic Charities’ Interpreter & Translation Services offers professional assistance for all your translation and communication needs.

Interpreter & Translation Services are available to schools, employers, medical professionals, social service providers, local officials or anyone in need of interpretation and/or translation services within the San Antonio community, Bexar County and Archdiocesan reach.

Rates for interpreter and translation services depend on the specific service needed and the amount of time required to complete the request.  For more information on fees for interpreter and translation services or to learn more about the program, contact program director, Ignacio Mallett at 210-226-6178 to speak with someone regarding your translation and interpretation needs.