About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Catholic Charities is to provide for the needs of our community through selfless service under the sign of love.

Our Values 

Stewardship: Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. is faithful to the purpose for which resources are given to manage them in a manner which allows for maximum benefit to the community and the individuals we serve.

Service: Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. focuses on the needs of individuals and families, emphasizing social justice, social teaching and community service. 

Excellence: The excellence of Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. is measured by the ability to make significant and lasting contributions to the Archdiocesan community with the goal of moving individuals we serve towards self-sufficiency.

Advocacy: Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. is committed to being a voice for the most vulnerable in our community striving to provide appropriate and timely services to assist families and individuals when they need us most.

Organizational Chart


J. Antonio Fernandez, President/CEO

Since 2013, J. Antonio Fernandez has served as the Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio as President/CEO, leading the programs, growth, and development of the largest Catholic social services agency in the city, including sister agencies, Guadalupe Community Center, Seton Home, St. PJ’s Children’s Home, and San Antonio Birth Doulas. Under his leadership, Catholic Charities expanded programs from 17 to 45 and quadrupled the annual budget. 

Previously, Mr. Fernandez was Senior Vice President of Operations for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, the largest Catholic Charities in the country. In this role, he was responsible for the overall leadership and operations of the programs providing social services and physical plant oversight. Read More

Gladys Gonzalez, Executive Director of Seton Home and St. PJ’s

Gladys Gonzalez has been with the Catholic Charities family of agencies for almost five years, serving in various capacities at multiple sites to advance the mission, to increase capacity and sustainability, and to manage over 45 programs providing relief to those most vulnerable in our community. Currently, Gladys is the Executive Director at Seton Home and St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home responsible for providing a safe and loving refuge for pregnant and parenting teen mothers and their babies and children in crisis with the goal of breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. 

In addition, Gladys was previously Vice President of Programs where she developed, implemented, and maintained operations as the organization established a new business model. Read More

Lisette DeLeon, Chief Financial Officer

Lisette DeLeon is the Chief Financial Officer for the family of five agencies encompassed by Catholic Charities. In this role, Ms. DeLeon is responsible for planning, implementation, and management of all financial matters including business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and negotiations. Previously, Ms. DeLeon was Director of Finance at St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home, a Catholic Charities agency, responsible for maintaining the financial health and stability of the home. 

Ms. DeLeon has a long work history in finance serving as a Senior Consolidation and Reporting Analyst and General Ledger Team Lead. She has a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Texas A&M University. Read More

Michelle Cammack, VP of Administration

Michelle Cammack is the Catholic Charities Vice President of Administration responsible for human resources, information technology, facilities, risk management, and performance quality improvement for the family of five agencies. In this role, she manages human, physical, and technology assets for day-to-day agency operation.

Before this position, she worked at Family Tapestry as Senior Director of Case Management developing a new program to manage case management, adoption services, and independent living departments.  Read More

Tracy Ladgenski, VP of Mission Advancement

Tracy Ladgenski is the Vice President of Mission Advancement responsible for raising friends and funds for the five non-profit agencies that comprise the Catholic Charities family. In this role, she is responsible for grants, fundraising, events, marketing communications, parish outreach, and volunteer services spurring growth for the agency. Previously, she was the Director, Grants for Catholic Charities and the Director, Hope for the Future Catholic school tuition fundraising campaign for the Archdiocese of San Antonio. 

Tracy is a member of the Grant Professionals Association, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the United Way Emerging Leaders Council, and the San Antonio Volunteer Administrators. Read More

Lizzy Perales, VP of Programs

Lizzy Perales is the Catholic Charities Vice President of Programs responsible for management and oversight of over 40 programs including Family and Children’s Services, Family Self Sufficiency, Caritas Legal Services, Senior Services, and Refugee Resettlement Services. In this role, she works with senior leadership to execute quality programs and services that provide dignified care for the whole person, from birth to natural death. Previously, Mrs. Perales was the Executive Director of Guadalupe Community Center responsible for programs that assist and empower clients in the heart of San Antonio’s West Side. She also served as Director of Programs and as a Case Manager.

Mrs. Perales has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Services with minors in Spanish and Healthcare Ethics from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. Read More

Board of Directors

Bret Piatt                      Armando Medina                      Stewart Goodson                      Matthew E. Pepping 

                                      Chair                                     Vice Chair                                           Treasurer                                               Secretary

Melissa Aguillon

Esther Belz

Matthew R. Benavides

Larry Benson, Jr.

Fr. Rodolfo Caballero

Daniel Collier

Daniel Collier

Nicholas Cormier, Jr.

Dr. Thomas Evans

Dr. Mitch Finnie

Juan Antonio Flores

Frank Guerra

Dan Harkins

Jorge Herrera

Charlotte Immenschuh

Steven Jansma

Fr. Martin Leopold

Christina Markell-Balleza

Donna McElroy

Dottie Nichols

Melbourne O’Banion

Jerry Salinas

Hella Scheuerman

Brian Tucker

Ex-Officio Members

Bishop Michael Joseph Boulette

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S.



President/CEO, J. Antonio Fernandez

Chief Financial Officer, Lisette DeLeon

Vice President of Administration, Michelle Cammack

Vice President of Mission Advancement, Tracy Ladgenski

Vice President of Programs, Lizzy Perales