Guadalupe Home

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Guadalupe Home is a transitional shelter for pregnant and parenting mothers and their babies who find themselves homeless. Rather than provide emergency shelter for a night or two, we offer a safe, long-term, no-cost home for pregnant and parenting mothers of children under the age of three who are interested in making a change for a hopeful future.

Mothers and babies receive free room and board with the condition that they attend school or work full time to save money for the next step in their journey. While living in the care of Catholic Charities, mothers are responsible for their future, their room, and their children by goal setting, house responsibilities, and more.

Support services are provided to nurture families and promote self-sufficiency.

~Parenting education – Mothers learn about happy and healthy mother-baby relationships as educators teach the importance of developmental milestones, parenting tips and techniques, structure routine, positive discipline, and setting limits.

~Financial Literacy – Staff and volunteers host classes and provide guidance to mothers to pay debt and save for a secure future.

~Job Readiness – Computer resources and guidance is available for mothers to make informed decisions about employment to meet their financial goals.

~Counseling – Qualified counselors are available to help mothers heal and break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Applicants interested for consideration should contact Guadalupe Home at (210) 476-0707.

Our Impact: Providing Hope at Guadalupe Home

Kellen arrived at Guadalupe Home as a single mom two years ago. She was parenting a young child when she began dating a man with whom she considered sharing a future. Until one fateful night, that same man, whom she loved, was drunk and abusive with her and her child. While she was ready to end the relationship immediately, she found herself thrown a series of unfortunate events. Her ex-husband filed for custody of her child due to the isolated incident of abuse. She grew increasingly depressed with her situation. And, then she learned she was pregnant.

Our young mother decided at that moment that it was time for a change. Kellen had a strong commitment to learn how to be a happy and healthy family for her newborn and break the cycle of abuse and neglect. She found Guadalupe Home where she applied and interviewed to live and learn a new way of life.

Kellen immediately felt welcome and safe in her new home. She settled into life with the other mothers quickly as they became a source of support and encouragement. Staff and parent educators taught her about development milestones beginning at birth. Kellen says, “I didn’t know how to handle my child crying. Now I know how to comfort and manage my four year old and how to handle a fussy toddler in a happy and healthy way. I want to raise her with confidence and Guadalupe Home helped me understand my child better so that I could respond as a better mother.”

Guadalupe Home provided various resources, including education, to empower Kellen for a brighter, hopeful future. She had access to a resource room to search for jobs, attended financial literacy classes, and even participated in counseling sessions to help her heal. In our home, she is allowed to stay until her child reaches three years of age giving her ample time to get a formal education or save money for a hopeful future.

“This is my chance to get better safely, away from the men who have hurt me or my child. Staff is so wonderful. Anything I have asked, they have helped me. None of us are the same and we each get personalized care to help us stand on our own two feet. All of us even received Christmas gifts that I knew I could not provide to my children. Even I got a gift! I’m truly happy and optimistic about my future.”