Seton Home

Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future.” -Proverbs 31:25

Seton Home San Antonio

The mission of Seton Home is to break the cycle of abuse and poverty by providing a caring home, educaiton, and support services necessary to transform the lives of pregnant and parenting teen mothers and their children.

Seton Home is a special and safe place for teen mothers to heal following trauma, abuse, or neglect.
Dedicated professionals guide our mothers toward happy, healthy relationships with their babies to break the cycle of abuse and neglect one family at a time.

At Seton Home, we serve pregnant and parenting girls ages 12-17 who have been placed in our home because of abuse or neglect. Despite the circumstances, a mother chooses life and family entrusting us with her journey to healing and hope. In response, we strive to provide a safe and loving home for mothers and break the cycle of neglect and abuse with their children. 

Once a pregnant or parenting mother and chid arrives on our doorstep, a team of professionals wlecome her with love and compassion to immediately address her trauma, and put her on a path to healing. A case manager begins intake with an assessment and plan for care. Clinicians then step in to care for her mental health and trauma. With the help of pregnant and parenting educators and counselors, our mothers learn life skills in pregnancy and parenting, health, household management, financial literacy, and much more.

10 Things to Know about Seton Home:

• Mothers receive a comprehensive, interactive, and accredited education for a hopeful future.
• The Child Development Center utilized curriculum for infants and toddlers through three years of age to support early childhood development and school readiness.
• Early childhood development professionals educate mothers on developmental milestones and age-appropriate expectations.
• Individual and group counseling beginning the process of healing for a mother in crisis.
• Parent educators guide mothers with prenatal development, child development, and parenting techniques to manage the daily challenges and joys of parenting.
• Mothers receive life skills training in health, financial literacy, and job readiness in preparation for self-sufficiency.
• A youth minister provides weekly bible study, relational ministry, and pastoral care for spiritual development. ~Mothers and babies continue to receive support services to ensure a successful transition outside of Seton Home.

For more information, call Seton Home,  1115 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX 78210, at (210) 533-3504.