Migrant Youth Support

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc.

Migrant Youth Support

Catholic Charities remains committed to serving all people in our city, around our state, and even to those passing through. We are currently providing support to migrant youth arriving in San Antonio. There are many ways that YOU can get involved as we welcome and care for these vulnerable children.

Help Us Help Them!



Catholic Charities is calling all volunteers 18 and older to welcome and care for migrant youth arriving in San Antonio. Various shifts will be available and bilingual speakers are preferred. There are several easy steps to become a volunteer:

STEP ONE: Registration
Click the “Become Member” button to get started! *Note: you click on same button on any program you want to join at any given time*
All volunteers must create an account on GivePulse. All volunteers 18 year and older must complete a Criminal Background Check according to the Volunteer Policy of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Please note that some programs have additional requirements to volunteer at their sites such as Seton Home and St. PJ’s Children Shelter.

STEP TWO: Online Training Modules
All volunteers 18 years and older must complete three (3) online training modules as mandated by the Archdiocese of San Antonio.
To access the site, please visit VIRTUS Online

  1.        1. Choose “First Time Registrant” to begin registration process 
  2.        2. Select “San Antonio, TX (Archdiocese)” 
  3.        3. Create a User ID and Password 
  4.        4. Set up your account as a “Volunteer”
  5.        5. Primary Location will be: “Catholic Charities (San Antonio)” 

The system will ask you two questions. (1) Will you be working with children? & (2) Will you be working with Vulnerable Adults? The answer to BOTH questions should be YES. This will ensure that you get all three online trainings.

Trainings must be completed prior to volunteering with our agency, whether you are a current volunteer or a prospective volunteer. Please note that these trainings are valid for three (3) years and valid at any Archdiocese affiliated location. When you log in, the trainings that are required to be taken, should be automatically populate if you answered YES to BOTH questions when creating login information. Click on each training to begin. Due to the volume of staff and volunteers accessing the system, there may be some glitches or delays. Please be patient and try again if you experience this difficulty. 

STEP THREE: Volunteer Confirmation
Once you have completed all the requirements, you will receive confirmation that you are approved to volunteer and register for volunteer opportunities posted on the GivePulse site.

If you have any questions on where you are in the process, contact Volunteer Services.


Monetary donations are always welcome!



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