Legal Services

Empowering clients, while preserving family values and promoting self-sufficiency, is part of our mission of lifting a person from despair to hope.

Legal Services San Antonio

Caritas Legal Services provides comprehensive, low-cost legal guidance in civil, probate, and immigration law to individuals and families seeking a secure future. Our lawyers are experienced in multiple fields to offer clients the best legal advice on a wide range of legal issues:

  1. Guardianship – Help for family members of individuals who are unable to secure food, clothing, or shelter for themselves or need help making decisions.
  2. Wills – Make end of life legal arrangements including power of attorney, simple wills, and probate management.
  3. Property Deeds – Assistance with transferring homes to loved ones during their life or upon death.
  4. Financial Wellness and Care – Secure legal and financial preparedness for loved ones who find themselves unable to do so themselves.
  5. Immigration Assistance – Caritas Legal Services provide legal counsel on immigration matters that affect your future. Immigration servies help immigrants and refugees to secure their legal citizenship with:
  6. ~Green Card
  7. ~Citizenship
  8. ~DACA Petition
  9. ~Consulate Process
  10. ~Family Petitions
  11. ~Removal Procedures
  12. ~Work Authorization

Caritas Legal Services circulates throughout our community with low-cost legal assistance through Ask A Lawyer. To schedule an appointment for low-cost legal services, contact Caritas Legal Services at (210) 455-6105.